Work Flow Management
Job Cards

Create and manage job cards for call-outs and work to be performed


Create and manage tickets or use the email to ticket function to allow your clients to create support tickets


Create and manage quotes and easily turn them into invoices when the work is done.


Create professional invoices with your company branding and terms

Recurring Invoices

Create weekly, monthly or annual invoices to save time on admin

Recurring Job Cards

Create weekly, monthly or annual job cards for recurring services rendered


Create and maintain all linked project quotes, jobs and invoices


Schedule and view job cards booked for teams

Gmail and Office 365 Integration

Your teams can see their jobs directly on their Gmail and Office 365 calendars

Email, SMS, Print

Send invoices, job cards and quotes via email. Send clients emails and SMSs


Create templates to reduce the amount of typing needed for standard emails and SMSs

Automated Email and SMS

Send a document on saving or on changing a status. Open-ended triggers mean you can set rules on when clients are communicated with and IntelliServe will do the rest

Inventory Management
Multiple Warehouse Locations

Keep track of your stock in multiple warehouses


Create purchase orders and mark them as delivered to have the inventory added your stock

Stock Control

Quantities on hand are updated when sales are made


Build Parent & Child recipes for products and parts

Client Management

Send statements to your clients directly via email


Mark your clients as VIP or bad payers, etc.


View a clients history of Jobs, Quotes, Invoices, Equipment and more

Locations and Contacts

Assign multiple locations and contacts for your clients allowing for multiple branches


Attach important documents directly to your client’s account

Standard Reports

We have a wide selection of standard reports covering accounts aging, jobs, invoices and stock

Custom Reports

We can create any report you need and you will have it available on your report list whenever you need to run it


Get an updated snapshot of your business health, in a variety of visual aids


Navigate directly to your next job via the mobile app


Track the movement of your teams and their current locations from IntelliServe

Photos and Signature

Get the client to sign-off on a job, take photos and mark the job as completed directly from the app