Smarter, Faster, Better Value for Money.

By now you've realised that IntelliServe just keeps improving month after month! By staying in close contact with our clients, and developing an in-depth understanding of each of your unique operations and requirements, we're able to work in new features and improved workflow ideas that are based on real data and intel!

So what's new or improved? The past month has seen really impressive fixes and new features released into your most trusted job card and work flow application! 


you are now able to indicate which location inventory is must be taken from when being assigned to a job card. This has multiple knock-on benefits such as:

  • stock is deducted as soon as a job card is issued (select this feature under Settings)
  • inventory location is automatically deducted from the assigned employee's linked inventory location
  • when converting a job card to an invoice, the inventory location carries over

Inventory movement records can now be printed or emailed as a picking slip - a great new feature that ensures there is always a record for stock or equipment being assigned and moved!

You can now also create a picking slip from directly within a job card - saving time and minimizing the risk of stock being collected haphazardly as a job progresses.

You will now also be able to see how much stock you are carrying for each inventory item, even while building a quoting a quote, invoice or job card. This is a really helpful feature that is linked to the next great improvement...

Purchase orders can now be marked as delivered with the click of a button, all you need to do is edit the items on the purchase order to show which was delivered and in what quantities, and IntelliServe will do the rest!

You can now also create a purchase order from within an invoice. Being able to see stock levels of each item while building a job card or quote means you will also enjoy a reduced incidences of your teams committing to a job, only to find out at a later stage that stock is not available.

It is now possible to identify a client type when creating or updating a client. This is useful in determining whether a client is a Cash Only client, or whether they are on a particular Service Level Agreement etc.

Another useful feature which you may have noticed is a field called Label. You can now build your own drop-down list of useful labels for job cards. These could be based on a particular type of service, or a product line etc. Its really up to you to determine what this could be used for. To build your list of labels, go to the 'Lookups' tab and select Labels.

Never loose out on potential leads again. We have now added the ability for your field service or sales teams to create a new client in the Mobile App. A really useful feature here, is that the mobile app automatically assigns the gps coordinates at the time the new client record was created. Of course, you can also update the address if required, on the web platform

Navigating to a job site using the IntelliServe app has been availble for some time. But now, it's been given a major boost with the added option of opening your Uber App when you want to navigate to your job.

We are able to produce custom reports, job cards, quotes and invoices to better match your corporate brand and image. We are also offering reduced rates on training until 30 September 2017. Please write to to be put in touch with a local reseller or agent.